Perks of using Cloud Based Unified Communications services

Cloud-based Unified Communications Services (CUCS) are developing rapidly and organisations should be proactive when planning the reorganisation of their IT team. Many companies are shifting from hosting applications in corporate data centres, to unified communications in the cloud. This is due to the productivity benefits that are constantly being recognised as this moves into mainstream adoption. There are several factors that organisations must consider when deciding on how to implement this service.


Reasons to consider CUCS:


  1. Business agility – Maintenance and support time is reduced, as there is no longer the need to plan and implement system updates. The service offers quick updates through the cloud, allowing a business to deploy new applications to all users or an entire department as soon as they become available. This gives the IT department greater flexibility with their communication system, since updates can be implemented without disrupting the system.


  1. Efficiency – Hosted CUCS provide businesses with the communications they need, without associated capital costs of traditional on-site systems and the costs relating to management and support. This increases IT resource and budgetary efficiencies. Furthermore, monthly costs can be foreseen and this allows for businesses to plan ahead more efficiently. This service also reduces costs, since there is no need to support and maintain a physical on-site system. All these factors allow the organisation to focus its resources on its core activities.


  1. Reliability – Good service providers have secure data centres that are redundantly configured and geographically separated to ensure continued service in the case of a catastrophic event. Legal Service Agreements are also in place, to guarantee uptime. Each organisation’s data and user settings are backed up in multiple locations, creating a disaster-proof system for business communications. Moreover, hosted CUCS providers also offer 24×7 monitoring and updated encryption, ensuring your data is safe and secure.


  1. Disaster Recovery – In the event of an emergency or disaster, a CUCS service provider can adapt to the changed situation without additional expenses for the company. Most companies have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place to ensure that data and records vital to the operation of the business are duplicated or protected in off-site storage. CUCS now provides the ability to ensure that business communications are also protected in the event of an emergency and can be incorporated into the overall Disaster Recovery Plan.


  1. Increased collaboration – This means having access from anywhere, anytime and from any device. CUCS gives users access to applications that allow them to instantly chat, set up conferences and meetings, share documents and engage in real-time dialogue with customers. Thus, benefitting not only employees, but also customers.


  1. Customisation – CUCS gives organisations the flexibility to choose the specific model and applications to fit their specific requirements. Service providers also offer the flexibility to change as business requirements change.


To conclude, having your communications system in the cloud helps avoid technology obsolescence and the time and resources associated with a large scale “technology refresh.” This is due to cloud-based communications providing a system that is flexible enough to grow alongside your ever-growing business. For more information regarding this service, kindly contact Clamtech on +356 2090 8800 or by email on: [email protected]