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Clam Technologies is a group of dedicated individuals with industry standard certifications and vast years of experience in the ICT sector. We specialise in delivering cost effective solutions to all our customer requirements. We like to consider ourselves as a one-stop technology resource. You tell us what you need and we'll make sure to deliver it on time.

open source -
the future of ict

Companies are looking at optimizing their IT budgets and seriously looking at Return on their investments. The commercial software license costs; be in hardware, operating system, infrastructure, database, commercial applications and consulting & support, is being reviewed and seriously considered for optimizing and cost cutting. Open source software and solutions provide better returns for the companies that are looking to save huge licensing costs and greater availability of solutions and software that can be easily adopted.

Open source software and solutions have matured over years and are nowadays comparable and sometimes perform much better than there commercial counterpart. At ClamTech we have years of experience in providing and support a wide variety of Open Source solutions. Interested in how your company can benefit?

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