COVID-19 – Important Update about On-Site Support

Clam Technologies Ltd places high importance on the well-being of its staff and their families, and the unfortunate situation with COVID-19 is placing a challenge which we must face together.

As you may be aware this evening the Maltese Government has issued new directives regarding the ongoing situation with COVID-19.  Due to these directives Clam Technologies Ltd has taken an official decision whereby we will be temporarily suspending all on-site support provided to our clients. As of Monday 30th March, all support to our clients will be provided remotely.

We do understand that this may pose certain difficulties, however all of us at Clam Technologies Ltd will provide the highest level of support possible in these challenging times.

We assure you that as soon as these directives are reverted, we will immediately start offering our normal on-site services once again.

Should you require any clarifications, please feel free to contact us via e-mail on [email protected] or telephone on 2090 8855.


Fund-Raising Initiative

For the second consecutive year, during the festive season, Clamtech introduced a fund-raising initiative for its employees. The beneficiary this year was Claws; Cat Lovers and Adoptions, Welfare and Support. The Company pledged to double the amount collected by the employees. The amount collected was of €430.

 Earlier this month Clamtech Director, Trevor Vassallo presented a cheque of €860 to Ms Antonella Saliba, who manages the organisation.

 Last year Clamtech presented a donation to Children’s Dreams.

 Claws; Cat Lovers and Adoptions, Welfare and Support is a registered voluntary organisation, aiming to help reduce the numbers of stray, homeless and abandoned cats and kittens in Malta.

 To donate to Claws; Cat Lovers and Adoptions, Welfare and Support please send an email on; [email protected]