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Clamtech Partners up with IONOS Cloud

Clamtech is proud to announce its partnership with international web hosting company, IONOS Cloud, to bring the European cloud alternative to Malta. IONOS Cloud offers expert knowledge and proven customer success and Clamtech will now offer local businesses a seamless transition to the cloud. Cloud computing is where the future lies and even though it […]

Machine Learning Real World Applications

Machine learning has become a buzzword in the tech world today, and it is growing rapidly day by day. People use machine learning in their daily life without even noticing, for instance, through Google Maps, Google assistant and Alexa. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are among the most significant technological developments in recent history and […]

Dangerous Cyber Attacks for Small Businesses

A cyber attack not only compromises the security of a company’s networks, but also creates undesirable consequences for its business function. Accenture reports that 43% of these attacks are directed towards small businesses and what’s worrying is that only 14% of them are prepared to defend themselves. There are various costs arising from cybercrime. These […]

Clamtech Offers Businesses Free Support to Promote Their Business Online

Local IT company Clamtech is offering free IT support to local businesses who want to promote their services online. This initiative follows recent measures that have closed restaurants and various other companies to help contain the spread of COVID-19. This service is being offered in conjunction with web designer Steven Camilleri and Branding and Communications […]

The Effect of COVID-19 on cybersecurity

The ongoing pandemic has created fresh challenges for many businesses with remote working becoming the new norm. Due to companies accelerating their digital transformation, cybersecurity has become cause for major concern. Neglecting the risks of cybersecurity issues presents companies with various operational, legal and compliance implications. Despite this rise in the need for technology, it […]

I.T Budgets in 2021: Planning for Business Continuity in Uncertain times

The global pandemic that shaped 2020 accelerated many business trends, including remote working and digital transformation, forcing I.T leaders to adapt their budgets accordingly. Most companies’ budget cycle was also disrupted, with most shifting their IT spending and plans for new projects. After the considerable decline in global tech spending in 2020, Gartner forecasts a […]

Check out the best cloud storage solutions for businesses

These days, with so many of us working from home, having reliable cloud storage is paramount. Most business processes and services now run primarily in the cloud, which has resulted in business storage applications continuing to adapt in order to serve the changing needs of their customers. Storage space is also more affordable than ever […]

What can the Quantum Internet really accomplish?

The Quantum Internet is emerging – one experiment at a time. Scientists from all around the world are working on this technology to be able to communicate by teleportation. However, most still do not know exactly what it is and what value it will present to its users. Simply put, the future quantum internet will […]

Check out the latest Web Design trends

Designers and other content creators are constantly changing and adapting their websites, as we ceaselessly experiment with different styles, which have been constantly evolving as a response to the latest design trends. This allows them to stay competitive; guaranteeing that the website always looks modern and professional. We aren’t sure what 2021 has in store […]