The benefits of telecommunication for small businesses

Telecommunication does not only bring people together; it also brings businesses closer. Today, it is not a question of whether or not a business uses telecommunication, but rather, how well it is utilizing the benefits of such technologies. This includes all the technologies that may be used to exchange information with others over long distances, through electronic channels. These include smartphones, the internet and any other wireless and satellite systems that connect computers.

The most obvious benefit of this technology is improved and faster communication. It allows companies to communicate will all their prospects, customers, as well as, suppliers and all stakeholders. Such platforms allow for a more efficient and effective sales process, complaint handling and responding to service requests. In fact, ordering from suppliers is not only fast, but may also be automatic; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software may be used to automatically order replacement items when a sale is made, without any human intervention.

Increased collaboration and flexibility are clear advantages of such technologies for businesses. Smartphones, laptops and tablets connected to a cellular service or WIFI network allow employees to connect with each other any time and from anywhere in the world. It is especially beneficial for cross-functional teams to work together. People can collaborate on the same report or project and see everyone’s contribution in real-time, through services like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. In addition, online chat software and video-conferencing applications give employees the opportunity to work from remote locations. This has facilitated the rise in teleworking that was essential during the past months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Going forward, the imminent introduction of 5G wireless systems will surely enhance the speed of video calls and make such technologies more accessible to everyone.

Building interpersonal customer relationships and loyal customers is paramount for the success of small businesses. Telecommunications with integrated databases and algorithmic software allow organisations to communicate with customers in ways that were not possible a few years back. By using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, a business can keep a record of all its interactions with each individual customer. This allows them to gain insight into customers’ personal preferences, likes and dislikes and what marketing communications would be best suited for them. Understanding one’s customer is no longer based on demographics or statistics, but on a data-based analysis of each individual. Thus, telecommunications allow companies to modify their marketing message to target their customers.

For small business to succeed, they must have timely and reliable communication within their organisation and with their customers. Choosing the right telecommunications service provider, as well as, the right software and IT vendor are vital for the well-being of the company.

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