Every business needs an IT #help #desk

Companies around the world make use of an IT help desk to ensure smooth running of their operations on a daily basis. It is put in place to assist the company’s management and employees whenever a problem arises. These are generally of a technical nature; thus, technical people are at hand to troubleshoot the problem. Such issues include: malfunctions with the office printer, getting access to a new system, as well as, server and security issues.

A help desk may be used to assist company employees and customers alike. This depends on the type of help desk. An IT support help desk supports employees by addressing their difficulties, from simply forgetting their log in credentials, to the entire network going down. Alternatively, companies may use a customer service help desk, which focuses on serving the company’s clients. These might have questions regarding the products and services offered by the company.

There are several functions that a help desk should perform that benefit your company. To begin with, communication should be efficient, due to a single point of contact between employees or customers and the IT service provider. Issues are also addressed immediately as they arise, since help desks are available to the client 24/7. Moreover, customers can get help from the technical help desk agents or through self-service, such as, FAQs. A help desk should also allow users to rate the service, allowing the company to measure customer satisfaction.

When businesses first start out, they usually rely on email for support but as they grow, they go beyond email and IT support becomes critical. This needs to be proportionate to the level of business. Companies should turn to help desk software, when their internal personnel struggle to solve issues efficiently and keep up with emails. This software organises information, streamlines workflows and eliminates many manual processes. An IT support specialist will no longer have to log issues by hand, deal with sorting of emails to solve a problem, track the status of issues manually, or let requests slip through the cracks. Therefore, such system automates the process of dealing with issues, centralises information, and uses email alerts to keep employees informed. Employees have the luxury of simply submitting a ticket to the help desk team, which will then receive, log and assign issues to the right help desk technicians automatically. Detailed records of all submitted issues are kept, this makes it easier to track updates and report on what work was carried out.

It is vital to choose the right help desk software, one which depends on the specific company needs. The cost is the main factor holding back many companies from investing in this software. The price of this service depends on the size of the company, the number of employees and the specific business needs. Some vendors offer basic help desks, while others offer enterprise-level customisable solutions. For more information kindly contact Clamtech on +356 2090 8800 or by email on: [email protected]