The benefits of telecommunication for small businesses

Telecommunication does not only bring people together; it also brings businesses closer. Today, it is not a question of whether or not a business uses telecommunication, but rather, how well it is utilizing the benefits of such technologies. This includes all the technologies that may be used to exchange information with others over long distances, […]

The hype around Quantum computing

Quantum computing is a form of computing which uses qubits instead of bits in order to solve complex computations with many possible combinations and variables. It has created massive hype in the tech world over the past few years. From drug discoveries to market forecasting; the potential for quantum is expansive and companies like Microsoft […]


COVID-19 – Important Update about On-Site Support

Clam Technologies Ltd places high importance on the well-being of its staff and their families, and the unfortunate situation with COVID-19 is placing a challenge which we must face together. As you may be aware this evening the Maltese Government has issued new directives regarding the ongoing situation with COVID-19.  Due to these directives Clam […]