5 Pro Tips for Safer Browsing

It’s not surprising that these days everyone is getting hacked. We spend most of our time on the internet, yet have no idea on how to protect ourselves against cybercrime. When surfing the web, you leave a trail of data behind. Internet service providers, ad networks and social media websites can access this data and […]

Database Outsourcing

Conventional ‘cheaper’ and ‘better’ reasons may not be enough for many organisations thinking of outsourcing their database management systems. Points being: Core vs Chore The key to getting the most out of outsourced remote management is through finding the best balance of services across support areas, whether the need is for remote application management, database […]

The 5 Basic Steps for IT Strategy & Planning

When one talks about strategic planning, it is nearly impossible to plan for every single eventuality which might arise. This is especially relevant for the ever-growing IT sector, so technological advancements can render even the best IT infrastructure obsolete in mere months. Step 1. Outline your Business Goals and Objectives. The organisation’s IT infrastructure should […]